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Brand Related Content

On request of many of our customers and Revit users in general all over Europe, we’ve started a special service  called “Brand Related Content “, a.k.a. “BRC”. With this service, intended for manufacturers and suppliers of building products, we create and maintain parameterized Revit families in 2D and 3D, based on your own standards.

During the design of the families the real geometry and appearance of the products have been taken into account. As manufacturer and supplier, you decide which geometrical information, nomenclature, parameters, brand naming, … of the object can be shared in the digital object. For the creation of the families we work tightly and consult mutually with the supplier of the building product, in order to deliver technical correct models and to protect the design and technical know-how of the product against piracy or illegal copying.

In BIMiTs-S this Brand Related Content is grouped and sorted according to supplier, and the contact information of the supplier is shared within the Import Family interface.

What is the added value for a manufacturer/supplier?
How to get this FREE content library?

brand related content
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