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BIMiTs extensions for Revit platform

As a user of the Revit platform, we offer you with BIMiTs Extensions a collection of user-friendly utilities on top of Revit. In these extensions there has been spent a lot of effort to the automation of time consuming tasks during the design and documentation phases in Revit. Editing of parameters and management of families and views are the central keys throughout the development of these tools. Some of the most important ones:

  • Editing parameters in an Excel table with BIM Query.
  • Batch generation of elevation and section views on multiple individual elements for detailed design in AutoCAD.
  • Graphical or tabular extraction of data from structural elements, such as levels and thickness of floors, coordinates of pile foundations, real length of beams, …
  • Easy-to-use selection filter which can be used on category, family, type and even parameter level.
  • Managing families, editing of views, advanced text editing,…

These Extensions are part of BIMiTs-S and are also separately available!

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